My Experience getting a Logo from 99designs

For the past three months, I have been busy working on my latest side project, CastSpot (a service designed to help podcasters find others that they can crossfeature on their shows). Because I think that branding is very important for any business or project, I decided that I would spend a bit of money on a well designed logo. After doing some research, I found that there were two options that were the most promising: hiring a single expensive designer to ensure one high quality logo or hiring several inexpensive designers to design multiple logos, with no real guarantee that any of them would be able to reach the quality that I wanted. This is when I discovered 99designs as part of my research, a website that lets users host design competitions.

How 99designs works

On 99designs, you host a competition for a particular design rather than hiring individual designers. You can choose from several price tiers, which determine the amount of money the competition winner will receive and impact how many designers are going to compete. The type of competition is not limited to just logo designs (it goes as far as designing entire websites or apps). On top of that, 99designs has several features that make it very appealing. Here are a few that ultimately made me choose it over other options:

  • You get a lot of different designs to choose from
  • It is possible to rate and comment on designs that are submitted, as well as DM the designers some possible improvements
  • There is a money back guarantee if you don’t like any of the designs
  • You can organize polls for the different designs that you can send to friends, making it easier to find the best one

After users have submitted their initial designs, the competition host chooses the best ones that go into the next round. This gives designers the opportunity to improve their designs and the host a bit of time to decide which one they like best. Once the winner is chosen, the winning designer submits all the different design files (photoshop and image files) and collects the prize money.

My Experience on 99designs

As I mentioned, I found that holding a competition might be the best way to get the most value for money. I went for the bronze competition tier (269 euros total costs) and although I wasn’t sure how many responses I would get, I wasn’t too worried since I could always get my money back. Fortunately, I actually ended up getting a good number of designs and many of them met or exceeded my expectations! 99designs gave me the option to choose some configurations that would give the contestants a better idea of what type of logo I would want, but since I had no particular idea in mind, I kept things fairly open (apart from the color scheme). Here is a quick breakdown of some of the submissions:

Logo by surososantoso
Logo by aaroncbmir
Logo by star.designz
Logo by asfur

Final Verdict

Overall, I was very happy with the results and had to do a poll to choose the final design. My only real negative experience was that one of the contestants kept messaging me and applying pressure, presumably in an attempt to guilt trip me into choosing their design. Ultimately, this is the design I awarded as the winning one:

Logo by surososantoso

I’m very happy with the result and already got some compliments on how it looks. I would definitely go with 99designs if I ever needed another logo designed! This is probably the best way to go for anyone who does not necessarily require consistent high quality design work for their project (in this case, I’d suggest hiring a full-time or contracting designer).

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