3 Simple Habits to live a more productive Life

When I began my studies at University, I often lacked the discipline and motivation to focus on my work. Now, I am glad to say that the days of playing video games all day and waking up at 1pm are over! I’d like to share some of the habits that had a huge effect in this transformation, so that perhaps some of these can start boosting your productivity as well.

Finishing Things

Yes, I consider “finishing things” a habit. It’s easy to tell yourself that it would be awesome to create “some app that does x”, but then when it comes to the implementation, most people actually don’t finish what they started! Truth be told, even more people probably never even start, but that aside, an unfinished project is almost as useless as the on that is never completed (arguably worse, since you WASTED time). A good way to get into this habit is to write down specifications for your project before you start and follow through on each one. This gives you a better idea of not only the time commitment needed, but also helps you identify whether the given task is actually worth your time.

Once you started on a task – finish it! Not half, but all the way. Often, some of the biggest challenges, hurdles and areas of growth only reveal themselves near the end of the project, a stage that most people don’t even reach. Going through the whole process of a task and keeping yourself accountable to doing so will result in you learning much more than you think, as well as boosting your overall discipline and satisfaction from your projects.

Keeping a daily to-do List

There are many benefits to having a todo app or note book. They can help you focus by letting you track all the things that you had planned, acting as a constant reminder to yourself that there is stuff you should be working on! Crossing things off a to-do list is also extremely satisfying and helps keep you motivated. Keeping the list can also be a convenient way of tracking and quantifying your progress, which can help remind you of all the things that you have done towards achieving your goals.

If you are going to keep a to-do list, I suggest creating your daily to-do list first thing in the morning. Of course there are overarching tasks, but generally the benefit of breaking them down into smaller, daily chunks has helped increase my motivation. It is when your mind is still fairly rested and you have a much better overview of what it actually is that you were trying to achieve. Finally, if you are like me, you tend to want to continue working after your daily tasks are already fulfilled (usually when something takes much less time than expected). I suggest not doing this – take the time off and relax! On the other hand, if you don’t finish a task, move it to the next day (don’t stress about it and try to work all night) and consider breaking it up into further chunks if you find it is still going to take longer.

Using productivity Browser Extensions

I have found productivity browser extensions to be one of the most powerful assets to boosting my productivity. I seem to find that most of the daily time-sinks I encounter are various websites that try to grab my attention. No doubt, YouTube is a great asset when trying to develop an App, but when the algorithm starts recommending great content and clickbait, it’s easy to get distracted fast. Browser extensions like UnDistracted or DistractionFreeYouTube are designed to hide addictive and time sinking features on websites. It’s hard to tell how much time extensions like this have saved me, but I can tell you for sure that it is easily enough that I wouldn’t mind paying for them (and they are completely free)! If you haven’t tried extensions like these, I would suggest doing so as soon as possible – I know it has definitely changed my life.

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